AccessHolding and its network institutions continue to support global efforts to slow down and eventually halt the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its economic impact on vulnerable segments in developing countries.
The world is currently facing a global crisis we have not experienced before. We feel the impact in our families, communities and every day at work. It has not been easy to change routines and habits quickly. We are concerned about what the world will look like after the crisis, but at the same time we are already working on better solutions for tomorrow.
In this time of global crisis, AccessHolding, as a socially-responsible institution, remains committed to its employees, clients, and partners worldwide.
What is the effect on job creation through the activities of the network network financial institutions of AccessGroup on the African continent?
An in-depth portrait of one of our female entrepreneurs & clients in Lagos, Nigeria. Many thanks to Madame Felicia Akinwumi for sharing her story with us.
AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria is the 2nd largest microfinance bank in Nigeria.
We are proud to announce that AB Bank Zambia (ABZ) won the Outstanding Theme Messaging Award for the contribution to financial literacy in Zambia. The award was presented during the Financial Literacy Week Awards ceremony by the Bank of Zambia Governor Dr. Denny Kalyalya to ABZ’s CEO Cosmin Olteanu. The awards ceremony recognised efforts of individuals and institutions that contributed to financial literacy in Zambia during the Financial Literacy Week, conducted under the theme ‘Be Money Smart to Live a Better Life’.