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Company Culture


20 languages are spoken in our office in Berlin, the most popular ones being English, German, and Russian. Many more languages are spoken throughout our network banks.

Our Employees

We care about equality and are proud to know that almost half of our staff is female.

Getting to Work

The majority of our employees choose public transport to work instead of a car; 44% of us either bike or walk.


We come from 19 different countries, the most common ones being Germany and Azerbaijan.


55% of our employees are raising a family and enjoy our family-friendly policies.

Work Abroad

40% of our roles involve business travel opportunities and a third of our Berlin based employees have worked at some point in one of our Network Banks around the world.

German Classes

Half of our employees are non-German speaking but can learn the language with the classes we offer.

Trusted employer

Our employees stay with us for an average of 5 years.

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