Julius Ruwaichi, CEO of AccessBank Tanzania has joined the company in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining our team, he developed different roles within financial departments of Standard Charter Bank Tanzania and NBC Bank, and worked as an auditor at PwC Tanzania.

Vasyl has twenty nine years of professional IT experience, of which twenty four are in the banking industry. In 1998, he joined a team launching the ING subsidiary bank in Ukraine, then devoted three years to the greenfield bank establishment – a project of ING in Afghanistan. For the following six years, he was in the role of the COO of the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Austrian financial group Volksbank.

We have developed a set of learning questions within the A2A programme that help the programme partners, AccessHolding and Mastercard Foundation, to learn from own experience, draw on available knowledge, seek new explanations and connections, and thus generate new insights. The main purpose of our learning questions is to generate a body of knowledge that can be applied in practice within our group of banks, and also shared with the wider stakeholder network.

Maxine McKenzie-Kellie is the Head of the People Partnerships Department at AccessHolding. She spent 13 years of her professional life working in South Africa and East Africa. Her background in emerging economies working in human resources, specifically; employment equity, broad based black economic empowerment, skills development, capacity building and diversity; led her to join LFS in 2017 as a consultant in Learning and Development. In 2019 Maxine headed up the merging of AH HR and Group HR into what we call today, People Partnerships.

Katharina Schachtner has been with our organization since 2003. Since returning to Berlin Katharina is leading AccessHolding’s PMO and is responsible for developing project management practice in the network banks.

Friederike Möllers is Head of Business Department at AccessHolding. After joining AccessHolding in 2009, Friederike worked as Credit Consultant in AccessBank Tanzania, Head of Micro Credits in AccessBank Liberia, Credit Manager and deputy CEO in AccèsBanque Madagascar and as Interim CEO in AccessBank Liberia. She also served on the Board of Directors of AccèsBanque Madagascar for five years.

If we can talk of the silver linings of the global pandemic, then implementation of mobile banking services in AccessBank Liberia and AB Bank Rwanda would be that.

Achieving portfolio growth, expanding physical presence, increasing efficiency and at the same time keeping the operating cost controlled is a guiding principle that has led the microfinance business model for years. Harmonizing all the aspects has proven to be difficult with the legacy approach, as it is a highly labour-intensive process conducted in environments that not seldom lack basic infrastructural developments.