Access Microfinance Holding Impact Report for 2023

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By Ivana Mitrovic

In this year’s Impact Report, we share our non-financial achievements that embody the core of our mission and reflect our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.

For 18 years, AccessHolding has been the driving force behind economic and social development in frontier and emerging markets. Our network of microfinance institutions, with almost 7,400 employees globally, 58% of whom are women, is committed to providing disadvantaged and underserved populations access to tailor-made, fair financial products and support for their entrepreneurial and personal development plans. Our growth rates over the past five years, with a staggering 30% increase in loans disbursed and a nearly 60% increase in clients, are a testament to the demand for value- and impact-driven financial services like ours.

To ensure that our contributions are transparent and predictable, we are implementing a modern framework for ESG risk control, opportunity-driven impact management, and associated reporting. In 2023, we made considerable progress in critical areas, including a 53% growth in digital transactions and a 42% increase in completed eLearning.

As we look back on the past year’s accomplishments, we can only be proud of the considerable progress towards creating a more equitable, environmentally responsible, and adaptable future we made. By remaining committed to our mission, we renew our promise to make a lasting difference and ignite positive change worldwide.

For more details, see the full Impact Report.

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