We believe that the financial inclusion and provision of responsible banking services is a key ingredient of sustainable economic growth.

AccessHolding at a Glance

Global Presence

We are a strategic shareholder in currently 7 financial institutions in 2 regions: Africa, and Eurasia.

Assets Under Management

Across the AccessGroup Total Assets exceed 1,054 million EUR (12/2023). 


Empowering Talent

The number of staff across the AccessGroup worldwide stands at over 7,400. At our Berlin headquarters, 42 employees support to the Group in all business areas.

Scaling Up

We have disbursed more than 7.2 million loans to finance micro and small businesses in the areas of investment, working capital, agriculture and housing.

Supporting Small Businesses

Our institutions focus on small business owners who are the engine of sustainable economic growth and prosperity. Loans to our entrepreneurs average less than 900 EUR.

Gender Equity

The share of female clients across our Group averages 50%, however, in many of our countries, that share is much higher.


Capacity Building

182 participants graduated successfully from AccessCampus, our network-wide education of middle managers, and many of them were promoted after graduation. Employees of the Group completed over 89,300 e-learning experiences (since 05/2017) and over 27,000 training days (ytd).

Experienced Partner

As AccessHolding, we have 18 years of experience in small business banking and donor program implementation.

Who We Are

Access Microfinance Holding AG, or AccessHolding, is a private company incorporated in Germany. AccessHolding was founded in 2006 as a partnership among high profile investors from the public sphere (Development Finance Institutions or “DFIs”) and private sector impact investors. What unites our shareholders is the drive to support entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets by providing access to responsible and fair financial services.

Over more than a decade, AccessHolding has built up and grown an international network of small business banks that serve that very purpose.

What We Do


AccessHolding invests into and manages strategic majority equity stakes in our network banks. Unlike typical portfolio investors, as strategic owners we are investing into future growth and a permanent stake. AccessHolding takes the lead in green-fielding and founding of institutions jointly with likeminded investors. In addition, we have expertise in engaging in Mergers & Acquisitions deals and the integration of new institutions in need of strategic investment into our network.


Beyond being a financial holding, AccessHolding is an operative holding company that assumes active ownership and operative management. AccessHolding provides a range of central support services across multiple areas such as Business, Technology, Risk, Audit and Finance to network banks from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Being part of a wider banking group unlocks synergies, enables economies of scale and growth across the Group, allowing our investee companies to leverage on market opportunities.


We have many years of experience in building and growing institutions. The unlocking of value for our clients, small entrepreneurs in fast-growing, yet often challenging markets, relies on our ability to build capabilities within our institutions and the financial sector. Strategic management support includes broad based capacity building for middle-managers through the AccessCampus corporate academy, network wide e-learning modules and the steering of strategic projects in the areas of digitalisation and technology.



Active Citizenship Trust

Global Partners


We are engaged in one of the most impactful industries in the world, but what really makes us special is the people behind it all. As a team of professionals from around the world we are delivering our very best in what we do.

Contact Us

Berlin Head Office

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 14
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8 AM – 5 PM
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Phone: +49 30 5900 10 – 100
Email: info@accessholding.com