How We Use Digitalisation and Capacity Building to Improve Financial Inclusion

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Over the past six years, the financial institutions in our network, especially those in Africa, have achieved remarkable success in their chosen path of modernising and digitising their banking services and product offering, building the capacity of their staff accordingly and becoming learning organisations.

The foundations and relevant building blocks of this success were laid by the cooperation between AccessHolding and Mastercard Foundation in the Access2Access Programme (A2A) implemented in our banks in Liberia, Rwanda, Zambia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Tanzania. 

The final evaluation of the A2A, conducted by external evaluators from May to November 2022, has shown that overall financial inclusion has improved over the course of the programme in the six regions, and that clients have been able to improve their livelihoods and grow their businesses through easier access to banking services better adapted to their needs. At the same time, the AccessHolding banks have become more efficient and agile organisations that can and will continue their transformation and build on the gains made so far.

In our publication, you will find more information about our developments in digitalisation and capacity building, but most importantly, testimonials from clients and staff about the impact of the A2A programme, the key lessons we have learned along the way and how we plan to continue progress in the future. 

The report can be downloaded below.

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