Wojtek makes sure our local network is sound

Wojtek is a Network Specialist. On a daily basis, he takes care of our local network in our Berlin HQ. Occasionally, he also provides advice to our network banks. When critical network related issues arise, he is our guy.

Tell us about your journey to AccessHolding?

I graduated with a Master’s degree in IT engineering in Poland. Right after school, I got a job with a local bank as an IT administrator. I then continued with this bank for seven years.

At the time, it never crossed my mind to move to another country even though my sister had been living in Berlin for years. However, I knew the city very well because of my frequent visits.

While living in Poland, I was already learning the German language. At this time, I did it to communicate with my sister’s German husband. Little did I know I was already paving my way to living in Berlin myself.

On one occasion when I came to visit my sister, I met my girlfriend. I moved to Berlin and started my journey with AccessHolding in December 2016. 


How would you describe the working environment in our office?

In my department, we help each other and share knowledge from the work side of things, I am also happy that whenever we are doing something new, like for example implementing a new solution, there is always enough time and flexibility given. I can properly prepare myself for the change. I am given time to research, gain knowledge, test and experiment. This enables me to draw motivation and enjoy the process itself and not just the final outcome.

What do you like best about your everyday work?

At AccessHolding, I am doing what I really like to do. My job is not work. It is my passion.  Even before I started studying, I was sure that I will work in information technology.

I spend time at home learning new things, continuously enriching my knowledge and expertise. I simply enjoy it.

When I was working in a bank in Poland as an IT administrator, I was doing everything. Nevertheless, I specialized in nothing. At AccessHolding, I am actually assigned to a specific area and I am an expert in it. I am a go-to guy.


What would you say to someone thinking about applying to AccessHolding?

If you like to work with a variety of cultures, AcessHolding is a good place to be. It is not just interesting but also truly beneficial to have so many people from around the world. It broadens your view.

Secondly, and specifically to people from the technology field, if it is your passion you will find a way to express yourself here. There is lots of freedom to spread your wings.