Daniela helps manage our risks

Daniela is a Senior Risk Specialist in our Berlin HQ. She works in our Risk department consulting Banks on risk matters. She handles risk foresight and mitigation to make sure our risks are well managed.

Tell us about your journey to AccessHolding?

Actually, it was a complete coincidence how I learned about AccessHolding and it did indeed involve a bit of a risk and a leap of faith. Let me start from the beginning.  

Right before I joined AccessHolding five years ago, I worked as an external auditor.  One day I had to replace my colleague on his assignment with AccessHolding. More or less within a week of being at AccessHolding I knew this company is what I had been searching for. I worked with commercial banks and I didn’t know the microfinance model at all, but right away it became a topic I needed to explore further. I felt that at AccessHolding I could combine my banking background with my interest in Africa within a business model that served a higher purpose.

I applied right away! There was just one problem. At that time, the company did not have an opening for me.


So what happened next?

Well, it took another year until I was hired. And here comes a bit of a risk I had to take: I was initially hired as a Business Analyst and, as much as it was an interesting role, it was not yet what I hoped to achieve at AccessHolding. I was hoping to have a role related to risk management. The thing is the role, or even the risk department, did not exist at the time.

I still enjoyed working as a Business Analyst as I got to learn so much about microfinance and, in the meantime, while I was mastering industry knowledge the need to establish a risk department came up. I got a new role as a Risk Advisor and I was one of the two who started it all.

It is now five years later. I just came back from my year of maternity leave and re-joined the fully grown Risk Department as a Senior Specialist.

How would you describe the working environment in our office?

So different to what I was used to before. I really enjoy that everything is really casual here. No one hides behind suits. The work is so hands on. You can feel the impact of what you are doing immediately.


What do you like best about your everyday work?

Never gets boring.


What would you say to someone thinking about applying to Access Holding?

Go for it but be open-minded. You haven’t worked in a place like this before. It is different but in a positive way. This place makes you step out of your box and get creative – something that is not that common in the commercial banking industry.