News from Access Head Office in Berlin

Access starts Management Development Program for local staff

Berlin- As technical partner, LFS supports AccessHolding in the management of their network banks. In January 2012, LFS has started a long-term project which focuses on management capacity building of local staff. Given the strong growth of AccessBanks in the past years, local managers increasingly become the key to performance. Therefore, the objective of the project is to enhance the development of current and future local managers so as to ensure healthy institutional growth. The Management Development project is supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Government of Luxemburg with a fund of EUR 250,000.
A first step is the implementation of a consistent and sustainable management development program (MDP) across the network. Training is addressed to local staff in key positions and focuses foremost on the enhancement of interpersonal and self-management skills. The alignment of management training in the network is essential to establish consistently high quality standards within the AccessBanks and is considered an important precondition for any further group-wide capacity building initiative. It is planned to establish a dedicated Access Learning Centre at a later stage.
The first project phase consists of three main components: (1) Training Design, (2) Training Delivery & Follow Up and (3) Training of local Trainers. The MDP is divided into several stages according to managerial levels to ensure continuous development throughout the career span of local staff. A core element is the design of tailor-made training materials to respond to AccessBanks’ specific needs and requirements. Currently, training is designed, delivered and followed up on by LFS staff. However, to ensure the sustainability of the MDP, local trainers are being developed in each bank to take over these responsibilities in the future.